One of the things that jump out at me on Facebook, is when someone posts a giant picture of their pet - For I know what's generally coming next. An emotional "Goodbye" to their beloved loved one. It is no secret that I have a couple of pets of my own, and I realize that one of these days, that dreaded decision is to be made. The time when you have to put your animal down. Besides losing my mom and dad, there is no greater pain than I've suffered than the loss of a faithful furry friend. Several times I have read where people are seeking advice here in town on where to go. Which veterinarian in Bismarck would you recommend? My heart bleeds for every one of them, and I re-live excruciating memories of looking into my cat's eyes and knowing that I AM the one making that choice of life and death.

That's what it comes down to, isn't it? As much as the hurt will definitely come, it is morally wrong to keep an animal around that is suffering. I have a friend here in town that came to that fateful day, just last week. She had her dog for over 12 years. She took arrows in her heart when the divorce left alone with her two kids. Penny stayed with her and helped in the healing process - instincts kicking in I'm sure, her dog watched over her little ones. My friend was with her until the very end, her head resting on her lap, eyes slowly closed.

My mom once told me a long time ago - "One day you'll be with your loved ones again, all the pets you have lost in the past" - I believe every word.