Many people like going to go to food trucks, myself included. It's nice that they have the capability of moving around the area. There's a few in the Bis-Man area and you see them out and about every once in a while. The one that I see all the time is Mr Sandwich And Gyros and I finally decided to stop and see what they had to offer. I'm glad that I finally did stop by because they have really good food.

They are located at the Wash barn in Mandan, ND and are usually there every Friday and Saturday night and when you drive by it's hard to miss. The food truck has lights that blink and flash at the top. I've been to a few other food trucks and wish that they were around town all the time. 

Food Trucks are becoming more common in the area and it's nice to see more of them out and about. Most people like going to the Food Truck festival in Bismarck, ND. You also see a lot of Food Trucks when the different fairs come to down. What's your favorite Food Truck? The one that was a local favorite years ago was the Thai Food Truck but they now have a restaurant in Bismarck. 

Hopefully this summer more food trucks will be able to come out now due to more people coming out due to the pandemic. Last year was a year many people want to put in the rearview mirror and are excited what all is going to happen this year. 


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