A new restaurant is coming to Bismarck, ND. According to the Facebook page Bismarck People Reporting the News someone had posted that the Tavern Grill was coming to Bismarck, ND. The post stated that they had the new locations were on the menu at the Fargo Tavern Grill. I went to Tavern Grill's website and sure enough, they have a new location coming to Bismarck, ND in the spring of 2022.

It's always wonderful when we get a new restaurant in the local area. I love getting new places to eat. With Bismarck, ND expanding this is necessary for us to get new restaurants and new businesses. I'm excited to eat at Tavern Grill as I've never eaten there before and I love trying new restaurants. I think this is great for the economic growth of the city of Bismarck, ND. Most people love trying new places to eat at and lately Bismarck, ND has gotten a lot of new restaurants.

It's always great when a new restaurant decides to set up shop in Bismarck. I've always said that there are many other cities that they could choose from and with the company choosing Bismarck, ND we should feel grateful. Have you ever had the chance to eat at a Tavern Grill? Was the food good there? The only Tavern Grill ND has is in Fargo. All of their other locations are in Minnesota. Are you excited to get a Tavern Grill in Bismarck, ND?


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