By now, you've probably seen somebody on facebook or other social media platforms talking about Parler.  Several of my friends on facebook have made posts this past week, saying they're leaving facebook for Parler.  Pretty good bet you have seen similar posts as well?

facebook screenshot
facebook screenshot

According to an article on, Parler means "to speak" in French.  Parler along with MeWe and Wimkin, are a few of the other up and coming social media platforms.  Parler in particular, has really seen an increase since the election.  Parler prides itself as a free speech social media platform.  It's very popular with right wing conservatives.

The Parler app was built John Matze and Jared Thomson, two Nevada-based programmers, who according to the article were "exhausted with a lack of transparency in big tech and ideological suppression."

Many big name conservative political figures have migrated to Parler, after being banned by facebook or twitter.  Including President Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz.

There's no fact checkers or guidelines requiring accuracy of information on Parler. Users are free to post information, thoughts, or opinions without fear of censorship or being banned. This certainly must be some of the appeal with conservatives without fear of repercussions from the likes of other social media platforms.

Parler appears to be on par to become a "player" in the social media world.  I have a hard enough time keeping up with two social media accounts now, not sure I'm ready for a third.  Unless I dump one.  How about you?  Have you switched over to Parler?



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