We'll, one thing about being a life long Vikings fan.  You learn to say, "there's always next year."  Not even a week after the Vikings wrapped up an injury plagued 2020,  a non-playoff season, we now know who the purple will be playing next season.  Good news, by finishing 3rd the schedule might be a bit softer.

The way the schedule works in the NFL, each division plays another with its conference (AFC/AFC, NFC/NFC), and then another division the other conference. (AFC/NFC).  The Vikings will play the AFC North and the NFC West next season.  That means Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Seattle, LA Rams, San Francisco and Arizona.  Both strong conferences, so no gimmies there, except maybe Cincinnati. You also play each team in your own division two times.  So Minnesota of course will have home and away games against Green Bay, Detroit and Chicago.  The final two "common opponents" games are determined by the final division standings from the previous season.  (1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4)  The Vikings finished 3rd in the NFC North this past season.  That means they'll host Dallas who finished 3rd in the NFC East, and travel to Carolina who finished 3rd in the NFC South.

There's also serious talk about adding a 17th game of the season and eliminating some of the pre-season.  Something I'm a big fan of.  Who could argue with more football?  If that happens, the Vikings would end up playing another 3rd place team in the AFC from the 2020 season.

The Minnesota Vikings will have a strong home schedule that features some of the most popular teams in the NFL in 2021. Along with Dallas, Minnesota is scheduled to host Pittsburgh (first time since 2005 with the 2013 home game played in London), Cleveland, Seattle, and the LA Rams.  Let's just hope fans will be allowed by then?

Road games for the Vikings in 2021 include trips to Baltimore, Cincinnati, Arizona, San Francisco, and Carolina.  As always...SKOL!



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