Did a former Minnesota Vikings player just show he could win American Idol?

As a Country Radio programmer, I would say "absolutely yes"!  Even the judges on American Idol were blown away.  Lionel Richie called him a "natural".  Katy Perry showed she had goosebumps, proceeded to get his autograph, and said he could finish in the Top 10.  Luke Bryan said that every girl he sings that song to will be "melted butter".

All three of the judges gave this former NFL WR a ringing endorsement, he received the golden ticket and is on to Hollywood.

Blake Proehl played the piano while singing a country love song by Brett Young "In Case You Didn't Know".  All the while his "nana" who is his biggest fan and inspiration was by his side during the audition.

Just who is Blake Proehl and how did the former NFL hopeful end up on an American Idol audition?

If you're a big Minnesota Vikings fan like myself, you probably know the name.  Blake Proehl is a wide receiver from East Carolina University.  Proehl signed with the Minnesota Vikings in 2021 as an undrafted free agent.  He spent the 2022 season on the Vikings practice squad.

He then suffered a career-ending knee injury late in training camp for the Vikings this past season.  Proehl tearfully described his situation to the Idol audience, that doctors told him he would be a success story if he could even run again.

Proehl found solace in his music and started to build a story on TikTok.  Now, he could be poised to be the next American Idol.  Check out his "goosebumps" American Idol audition below.

The video is courtesy of the American Idol YouTube page.

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