When I see stories like this, I'm sure glad I live in North Dakota, where our hunting and fishing way of life is still accepted.

Believe me, it's not that way everywhere in America.  You don't even have to go that far outside of North Dakota where hunters and fishermen and women are harassed.

I had a friend tell me a scary story in Des Moines, Iowa who told me he had to take his business name off of his truck because it was getting vandalized (he was a taxidermist).  He even had one life-threatening situation where a member of PETA tried to drive him off the road one evening.

I know of a waterfowl guide out on the East Coast where he makes his clients hide their guns in his boat so people will think they are fishing.  Otherwise, animal activists will target his vehicle in the parking lot.

Now, an 8-year-old boy is getting harrassed by animal activists and other individuals for shooting an all-white turkey in North Dakota recently.

Here's a picture of the gobbler that was taken by the boy.

I've come across several posts on different Facebook pages, NewsBreak, and others shaming the boy for shooting this bird.  Here are just a few of the comments that I have read.

NewsBreak Screenshot
NewsBreak Screenshot

I would say the majority of the comments were positive, but some of the Karens and Kevins that attack an 8-year-old boy for doing something completely legal sure is pathetic in my opinion.  Name-calling, bullying, and intimidation of a young child are beyond shameful.

Again, so thankful that I live in North Dakota.

This young boy has been hunting since he was old enough to walk.  I'm sure he has a very special bond with his father.  This so reminds me of my relationship with my son who I had in the blind with me at 2.

People who criticize people who hunt, and then turn around and buy meat from the grocery store are a special breed.  The hypocrisy they display is humorous.

Congratulations again to this young North Dakota boy, and it's really sad that some people have to tell you how you should live your life and do it in such a deplorable way.

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