North Dakota's Carson Wentz signed with the Los Angeles Rams late this past season.

According to SB Nation Turf Show Times, after the free agent signing of the former Las Vegas quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, is likely the end of the road for Carson Wentz in Los Angeles.

Jimmy Garoppolo will likely be the backup quarterback next season for the Los Angeles Rams behind Matthew Stafford.  It appears that Carson Wentz will likely be released.  The writing is on the wall.

This comes after Carson Wentz even led the Rams to a victory in the very last game of the season over the San Francisco 49ers by beating the new Minnesota Vikings quarterback Sam Darnold in a battle of backups.

Some experts thought that would be enough for the Rams to keep Carson Wentz around next season as a backup.

As somebody who cheers for anybody from North Dakota who is good enough to play pro football at the highest level, I can't help but feel bad for the guy.  He's had short stints with every team he has played with since he made his initial splash in the NFL with Philadelphia.  You have to wonder is this it for Carson Wentz in the NFL?

Why not Carson Wentz to the Minnesota Vikings?

I personally feel he would've been a much better option for Minnesota than Sam Darnold.  Ironically, Wentz beat Darnold who was playing for the 49ers in the last game of this past season.

The article also goes on to say Carson Wentz is not a good guy in the locker room and implies that's why he has not been getting offers in the NFL over the last year.

Time will tell, but it does appear Carson Wentz will not be suiting up with the Rams next season.

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