Canada has legalized recreational marijuana and UND student now looking North for spring break.

When you think of spring break one of the destinations you rarely hear is students loading up and heading to Canada. That has changed with the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada.

According to WDAY, Canada is already a popular destination for some UND students, after all, it's just right there for the students. Now, with the legal recreational weed, students are finding north of the border even more appealing.

Some students enjoy taking the short ride to Canada for spring break for the age difference in terms of alcohol laws, but now with the new legalization of marijuana, some expect this could boost Canada's economy as much as $8 billion. Some UND students see this change as just another incentive to head north.

There are certain restrictions students should know before crossing the border, you can't cross the border with weed. If you're not a U.S. citizen and you admit to using or possessing drugs, you could be denied entry into the United States.

And if you admit at the border, your purpose for going into Canada is to buy or use weed, you could be rejected.




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