Did you know that there's an area of trees in Bismarck that actually spells out Bismarck? I've told a few of my friends that are from the area and have lived here their whole lives and none of them knew about this. Many people drive by this everyday and have no idea that it spells Bismarck but you need to fly over it to really notice it.

The area the tree's are in is a pasture and it's between the roads of Bismarck Expressway, East Main Ave, 52nd Street NE, and Miriam Ave. This is something that's really cool that we have that some people don't even know about. You can kind of see some of the letters of the word Bismarck.

I was about five years old when I first was told about this. My parents pointed out some of the letters to me. I really got to see the actual picture of the Bismarck trees when I was in high school and got the opportunity to take aviation and we flew over it. It was really cool and I'm glad I got to see it in person. If you're flying commercial in or out of Bismarck in an airplane you might get to see the trees. I hope this never gets taken down and that this will always be a part of Bismarck. Personally I think this is in a great location, it's located as you're coming into Bismarck. Have you seen the tree's that say Bismarck?

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