Anyone who has ever been to North Dakota or who lives in North Dakota knows that there's barely any trees in this state.

In most places, you can look outside at the trees to know if it's windy outside. We don't need trees to indicate such a thing. We know when we wake up in the morning, it's going to be windy.

Death, taxes, and wind. All guarantees in North Dakota.

But it's amazing how little tree cover North Dakota has compared to other states. A very random online store, Alan's Factory Outlet mapped the amount of tree coverage in each state.

Apparently only 1% of North Dakota has tree coverage. Our Southern neighbors in South Dakota also have very few trees. Just 3.1% of South Dakota is covered in trees.

Meanwhile Minnesota has 28.9% of tree cover and Montana has 20.6% of tree cover.

The most trees are in Maine. A whopping 89% of Maine is covered in trees. That probably means a large portion of the population lives in trees. Maine actually has things called 'Treesorts.'

Unfortunately North Dakota is just a treeless abyss.

To see the full map of tree coverage in each state, you can see it here.

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