Nothing makes a home smell like the holiday season more than the smell of a fresh tree. Mix that smell with the aroma of fresh baked cookies and you have a home for the season!

This holiday season, you'll have to break out a few extra green backs for the green tree. The industry went through a six year decrease in demand and low prices for their product, thus forcing many growers out of business.

Michael Dodge/ Getty Images
Michael Dodge/ Getty Images

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Prices vary according to the variety of tree, but growers this year will see about $20 per tree, $2 more than the last several years, according to Bryan Ostlund, executive director of the Salem, Oregon-based Pacific Northwest Tree Association. Prices will likely rise as the holidays near and supply decreases.

Expect prices to vary depending on a series of factors including transportation, tree lot rental space and the big box stores demand for fresh trees.

For example, a 6-foot Douglas fir in Oregon, which grows about one-third of the nation's Christmas trees, could sell for $25 while a similar tree hauled to Southern California might go for $80.

The small farm, the mom and pop tree farm that sells directly to the consumer will not be effected by this increase.

On the average, you could pay an additional $2-$4 more this year per tree.

Locally, in Bismarck, the fresh tree lots have already popped up since before Thanksgiving.


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