A fight video has surfaced of a parent from Tartan, Minnesota, and the White Bear Lake, Minnesota student section.  It's not exactly known what caused this situation to escalate, but the adult involved in the fight was the father of the Tartan, Minnesota goalie.

The game was a sectional playoff high school game between the two schools.  It took place at TCO Sports Garden in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.  I've been in this classic barn many times for youth hockey tournaments watching my son play.  White Bear Lake ended up winning the game, ending Tartan's season.  This might have had something to do with why the brawl began.

The fight began with about 75 seconds remaining in the game.  The players of both teams watched on the ice in horror.  You can only imagine what was going through the goalie of the father who was involved in the incident.

Something must have been said because it didn't take long and the parent found himself in the middle of a White Bear Lake student section beating.  It defiantly appears that the parent took the bulk of the hits, however, you can see in the video that punches were thrown on both sides.

As a hockey parent myself, I have to admit I've been in some very fluid situations.  The behavior of some hockey parents is a disturbing trend.  Parents have become increasingly aggressive at hockey games.  The language and hostile actions towards officials, opposing teams, and their fans can be disgusting.  Maybe it's all the money invested or that every hockey parent feels like their kid will be the next star at the University of North Dakota?  Either way, it needs to change.

Here's the video of the brawl.  WARNING:  Very disturbing.

KARE 11 YouTube Channel.


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