What States are statistically more nuts over Fantasy Football?

I wouldn't have a clue on this one, for I remember this being popular almost everywhere I lived - When I was living in San Diego, California, back in 2007 I actually joined one of these Fantasy leagues and saw for myself just how avid, and serious these people are. In fact, I find it hard to believe that some sports fans have never heard of Fantasy Football.

So do you actually physically play football?

Of course not, people of all ages are almost addicted to this statistic-loaded playground. This is one of those leagues you join where about 5 minutes into the draft ( just like real life, choosing your players for your team ) you will get a first-hand look at how serious the other Fantasy Football players are. I felt handcuffed by this, and if I didn't pay attention to every single stat that my players had accumulated during the course of the season, my team would suffer, which would make other players mad.....that doesn't make any sense at all, does it? But that's how it goes, super competitive. My ex-roommate in Fargo, North Dakota does it every season, and in every sport - so which States would you guess are more obsessed?

Kind of a surprising list I would say

According to Sidelines.io Minnesota and North Dakota are in the top 10! Where exactly do they get this data from?

The research by odds comparison experts Sidelines.io analyzed the monthly search volume for ‘Fantasy Football’ as well as other related keywords:

  • ESPN fantasy
  • ESPN fantasy football
  • Fantasy pros
  • NFL fantasy
  • Yahoo fantasy

  Washington D.C checks in at #1

Sidelines.io reported, "The number of searches for each word was then added up to give a total of searches for each state. This was then compared to the population to calculate how many searches per 1000 people".

#2 – Minnesota 

Minnesota comes in as the second most obsessed state with fantasy football. With 68,200 total searches per month, when compared with its 5.8 million population Minnesota has 11.7 searches per 100 people.  

#8 – North Dakota 

North Dakota takes eighth place in this list, with 7,170 total searches for fantasy football. When compared to North Dakota's much smaller population of 811,000, this works out at 8.85 searches per 1000 people.

Searches per 1000 people: 8.85


So to wrap this up, don't expect to see my name on any Football Fantasy leagues, I am not a statistic :)



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