Natural ponds and swimming pools are all the rage in Europe.

So, you might be asking yourself what exactly is a natural swimming pool or pond.  It's basically a water body that uses no chemicals to keep it clean.  Instead, it uses water plants for its filtration system to keep the water pristine, much like what happens with some of our lakes.

In fact, here's a video with instructions on how you can build your very own natural pond or swimming pool.  If you have the means and resources, you can do the very same.  I would LOVE to do this myself (It's only 3 minutes long).

Well, I came across a natural swimming pool on Facebook, and it's not all that far from Bismarck.

It's a little over 6 hours of driving time from here in Bismarck, North Dakota.  In fact, this is the only pool in North America that DOESN'T use chemicals to keep its pool clean. Since we are expected to warm up over the next couple of weeks, this might just be the perfect summer bucket list activity to officially kick off your summer family time.

This pool is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and bills itself as the first public pool in North America that does not use chemicals to keep its water clean.

It looks pretty awesome, check out these photos.  Introducing Webber Natural Swimming Pool.

Webber Natural Swimming Pool



Bismarck's Best Home With A Pool

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