So this is NOT a tricky subject, it is a very personal one indeed for everyone has their own opinion on the art of French Fries...

...some prefer them soft, many like them with a ton of salt, and then the very odd people who eat fries in an unusual manner - like with, get this - mayonnaise - YIKES!  I remember when I was 18 years old, my dad and I were living in Guadalajara, Mexico. We went to an American-style cafe every day and I would order a big old heaping pile of fries, and immediately I would lather them with mustard, which my dad found odd and appalling - I must be one of the very few human souls on earth that can't stand ketchup.

So with all that said, in your opinion, who makes the best French Fries in North Dakota/Minnesota?

To nail it down just a bit, where do YOU go here in Bismarck/Mandan for YOUR favorite fries? Once again I get it, it all comes down to personal preference. Are you a fan of the art of fast-food fries? An article came out last month from about "The Best Places To Eat French Fries In Every State"  - Now I have been to a few of the places on this list - I disagree with California's chosen place - In-N-Out  - soft and soggy like you wouldn't believe. The place in Minnesota - Band Box Diner -  was their popular choice.

Drum roll, please...

North Dakota's representative for having the best French Fries is...

JL Beers Facebook
JL Beers Facebook


JL Beers -

Yes, WE have one here in town. According to   " North Dakota may be the only state on this list to actually host a French fry festival. It's called the Potato Bowl, and it's held in Grand Forks every year in conjunction with a big college football game. Tons of hot, fresh fries are served up for free. If you're not there in September for the Potato Bowl, JL Beers has locations throughout North Dakota, and people say not to sleep on their fries"    No doubt I will be making a visit shortly - please have your mustard ready!

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