The times we are living in, is utter bewilderment.The devastation that the coronavirus has caused is mind blowing as the death toll continues to climb, the unemployment rate has soared, businesses closed. We are now trying to live the " six feet apart" code. What we all know as "North Dakota Nice" has been subdued quite a bit, heck shaking hands is frowned upon. The self isolation, quarantine is now common place.There are very few states left that are not obliging to the STAY AT HOME orders.

The hope of keeping us away from the masses, crowds, and doing what we can by wearing masks, controling any further germs spreading, is REAL. We have no clue when, if WHEN, things will go back to normal. There are a million things that we wish we could do NOW, that we took for granted just months ago, that have come to a halt. The leaders of our nation, trying to keep us calm. We hear from mayors in other cities, pleading, and explaining the importance of STAYING AT HOME. This isn't just an idea that's being kicked around.These are orders of seperation-disperse-anyone that feels the need to blow it off, and congregate around several people, WILL be arrested!  One woman in particular ignored the emotional begging pleas from her mayor "STAY HOME PEOPLE" as she sauntered off to a downtown tavern. She along with others, were arrested-yes taken away in handcuffs, charged with reckless conduct. I'm guessing her HUSBAND, Brant Walker, MAYOR of Alton,Illinois wasn't too thrilled.