Let's try and look at the year 2020 at a different angle, sure the coronavirus caught 99.9 % off guard ( I can't imagine anyone predicted COVID-19, but you never know ) - We North Dakotans went through March, April having to work from home, ordering curb-side-to-go dinner from our favorite places, and basically went through a shut-down city. Then as the murky clouds cleared, we ventured outside, started regaining back our semi-normal lives. The strength of the coronavirus appeared to be weakening, we all assumed that all the self-quarantine would be the end-all cure. The whole country itching to get back to reality, some fled to the beach, others went out to restaurants that re-opened, then Memorial Day came and disaster struck.

A white police officer restrained and killed a black handcuffed suspect in Minneapolis - that horrible incident triggered off riots in cities all over the country for weeks after - with so many people not wearing masks so close to one another, it's no wonder the virus numbers peaked again. All in all, North Dakota hasn't been hit as hard as other states, like California, Florida, and Texas. The real eye-opener to me was what I read this morning.

Washington, D.C., listed North Dakota as a “high risk” state for COVID-19, and has ordered anyone traveling from here to D.C. to self-isolate for 14 days. Really? Why North Dakota? KFYRTV  reports  "The states with restrictions typically use latest trends and daily positive rates, rather than total case counts; which is why New York is left off of many state’s lists. There had been a 14-day self-quarantine order for out-of-state travelers for a few months, but that order was lifted back in May."

Hard to predict what our future looks like, but it's easy to see that as time goes by the fight against the virus will bring out even more restrictions. For more on this story click here.



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