Hosting a Halloween party is challenging and fun...

...but it's not as easy as you think. I must say I go way back to when I was a kid about October 31st - always one of my favorite times of the year. The weather is much cooler, leaves on the ground, and anticipation for FREE candy. The art of trick or treat, from getting your costume ready to planning all the neighborhoods you would hit up for your free goodies. I remember my mom hosting many adult Halloween parties, where some of the outfits would be a little, let's just say, on the ADULT side. She would start organizing her ghoulish get-togethers months before. Parties take work, and here are some tips to aid you on your way.

Making sure you have all the elements in place is the key

The magic of walking into someone else's Halloween party is always fun, checking out their decorations and scary props ( a severed hand coming out of the lid to a toilet was one of my favorites )  - so when you are holding your own party, keep that creepy theme alive with your own ideas. According to here are "5 Tips For Planning A Killer Halloween Party" -

1) Plan Some Games - not every party HAS to have this, but if it's one that includes mostly younger ages then it's awesome

2) Serve More Than Sweets - I agree, everyone LOVES food ( yes candy first, but good food will always keep the monsters satisfied

3) Creating A Haunting Atmosphere - 100% absolutely - everyone is all decked out in their costumes, give them an arena to have fun at ( Dry Ice NEVER Fails )

4) Making The Most Out Of Your Outdoor Space - This is quite obvious, a larger group of people will be wandering around all over the place - make sure you utilize every room, garage, etc.

5) Recruit Volunteers To Help - Probably the most important tip - lean on some of your family members and friends to help out  - gives you ways to have people sign-up through a form, but that's like parties that are on the larger size - here is my version of a volunteer, to help with clean-up! Absolutely.

So listen, have fun, stir up your creative juices, and Happy Halloween!

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