Does Bismarck have enough to do for people around here? One statement that people say a lot is that there isn't enough to do here. We have a decent amount of things to do here but I think that there could be more to do here. We don't really have any big attractions but we have enough to keep the locals busy.

We have Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park which is always a great time, the trolley in Mandan, ND, Pioneer Overlook Park, walking trails, biking trails, the Missouri River, the Dakota Zoo, and the Super slide Amusement Park. The Bis-Man community has a number of bars and that keeps people really content.

Many people would like to see Bis-Man get more attractions like an indoor waterpark, ax throwing, Dave & Busters but I think there's always questions if the place would stay busy. I think it would be awesome for the Bis-Man community to get a place to play games like Dave & Busters. I personally think we'd have enough people supporting it to keep it open. An indoor waterpark with a flowrider would also be a great asset to the community. Hopefully one day as the community here continues to grow, we'd be able to get some of these attractions here.

Bis-Man continues to grow and this is definitely a possibility for the future. Many people here would love to see the area gain some more attractions and hopefully this happens sooner than later.

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