The Minnesota Vikings did what most National Football League experts expected Monday.  They fired head coach Mike Zimmer after back-to-back non-playoff seasons.  Minnesota finished with a 31-17 win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday, but that was not enough to save Zimmer's job.  The Vikings finished the regular season 8-9.

Something that was not expected.  General Manager Rick Spielman was also fired according to StarTribune.

According to reports Zimmer was given an ultimatum from upper management at the beginning of the season, that the team must show significant improvement over last year's non-playoff season or else.  Another losing season, no playoffs, and a defense that has consistently gotten worse over the course of his time with the Vikings seem to seal Zimmer's fate.  The defense was supposed to be Zimmer's area of expertise but was ranked near the bottom of the league in almost all categories the last two seasons.

In 8 years with the Vikings, Mike Zimmer compiled a record of 72-56-1 with Minnesota.  That is one of the best winning percentages of any Minnesota head coach over the years.  However, Zimmer only won 2 playoff games with the Vikings in 8 years.

Now, the question remains, who will be the next Minnesota Vikings head coach.  Most experts think the Vikings will go with a younger more offensive-minded coach.  Time will tell.

In the meantime, don't feel too bad for coach Mike Zimmer.  At least he's got a super-model girlfriend to console him.  You can see and read about this woman who's young enough to be his daughter here.



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