Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer is 65 years old.  He's dating, however, a woman nearly half his age, and oh yeah, she's a Maxim cover model.  According to an article in Brobible, she's Maxim cover model Katarina Miketin.

Rumors began circulating back in October of 2020 the two were dating.  Both had been seen together several times but neither had confirmed the relationship.  Katarina Miketin is in her late 30s.  Now, the relationship has been confirmed by Miketin by a sports website via social media.


All I can say is WOW!  Katarina Miketin is drop-dead gorgeous.  Is it safe to say that Zim has outkicked his coverage?  Sorry, football analogy.

Good for Mike Zimmer, he's had a rough few years.  He's been dealing with a vision problem that had him looking like a pirate for a couple of years and numerous operations.  He also lost his longtime wife Vikki back in 2009 to a quick illness according to Wikipedia.  Not to mention just about every Minnesota Viking fan has wanted him to be run out of town over the last few seasons.


According to Katarina Miketin's Twitter account, she lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She's also a single mother to a little girl.  She bills herself as a model, athlete, and outdoors girl.  Mike Zimmer is also a big outdoorsman, so they have that in common.  Other than that it's hard to imagine what they talk about.  Okay, now I'm sounding jealous, which I admit I am, but I'm deep down happy for the old dude.  If nothing else it should give some of you hope.  Just make sure you have a lot of numbers in that bank account.



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