Bearscat Bakehouse added another location in Mesa, Arizona. Bearscat Bakehouse originated out of Bismarck, ND, and has since grown to many other locations. The locations include Bismarck, ND, Mandan, ND, Minot, ND, Salem, Oregon, and Mesa, Arizona. The family that owns Bearscat Bakehouse cares about the local community and it's great to see them expanding.

The owner of Bearscat Bakehouse knows how to make a wonderful donut and knows how to keep the customers happy. I really enjoy their donuts and I like seeing them adding new stores to the list. Wouldn't it be awesome if they added a store in every state in the United States? I like when companies from North Dakota make it big. It goes to show people that if you have the right mindset anything is possible.

Bearscat Bakehouse originated in the old Donut Hole building and has grown ever since. My favorite thing that Bearscat Bakehouse does is the April Fools Donuts on April Fool’s Day. They have them put in the back and only offer them once a year on April Fool’s Day. What is your favorite donut that they offer? Are you excited about the new store opening in Mesa, Arizona? Are you going to stop there the next time you go to Mesa, Arizona? If I ever get to Mesa. AZ I will have to try and stop there to check it out. You can see Bearscat Bakehouse new stores on their Facebook page. Click here to see their Facebook page.


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