A local favorite donut shop in the area is expanding. Bearscat Bakehouse is building another location to better serve the local area. Many people love Bearscat Bakehouse as they are very good. The new location will be on the south end of Bismarck, ND right beside Starbucks and the Ramkota in Bismarck, ND. This is a great location for a bakehouse in the local area.

Bearscat Bakehouse has been expanding a lot in the last few years. I love seeing local businesses expand. Bearscat Bakehouse sponsors many different teams in the area, and they are always doing fundraisers. They love to help out the community and they are really a community-focused company.

Bearscat Bakehouse currently has Bakehouses in Bismarck ND, soon to be two, Mandan, ND, Minot, ND, Salem Oregon, and Mesa Arizona. There's nothing better in life than watching a business from the local area open up stores and do well in other locations. The original Bearscat Bakehouse is located at 1914 North 12th Street in Bismarck, ND.

I talked to the owner Kevin Cavanagh and he said they are hoping to have the new store opened by the end of June 2022. Kevin said the recent snowstorm might have pushed the opening back a little bit but he is hoping they will be open by the end of June. This will be a great addition to the south end of Bismarck, ND. The store will have a 2nd street address. Are you excited for the new Bearscat Bakehouse to open?


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