THIS is why I love North Dakota

You may or may not see this anywhere else - oh sure I'm guessing every city may have something similar to this, but to all who have had the chance to see this for yourselves, here in Bismarck, this is just flat-out special. Once again a HUGE thanks to the Bismarck People Reporting News Group Facebook page for being what I believe to be the pulse of BisMan.

I came across this perfect picture while scrolling through BPRN...

...and there it was, A shot of a man standing on his lawn, waving. I had to know to whom he directed his good cheer too - the answer was simple 'To EVERYBODY" -  Christy told me on the phone that he has been out there on 19th street doing that for years. His name is Leo, he looked after his wife for years, and when he lost her, his main ambition turned to greeting every single person he saw, for hours all day. The cover picture you see from this story is Christy's daughter Alivia, walking towards probably THE most charming sight you'll see.

"People driving by and waving back - cars giving a quick "Honk"

I asked Christy what it's like when you see Leo, "small-town vibe, puts a smile on your face, life almost slows down a bit, and you realize what is really important..." - Christy, Alivia, and I share the same warm glow of Hallmark movies around the holidays, and when you think about it, Leo is providing this all year round. Here is what I love about this the most, he isn't doing this for attention, or to try and gain any monetary value out of it, he's just being himself. He doesn't think twice about putting himself out there for all to judge. I say we are lucky to have him - I think it's wonderful that others give him the distance and respect of communicating through simple waves, and smiles - a ton of them.


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