North Dakota! Legendary! You've seen the commercials and here's why I agree that North Dakota really is "Legendary".#1 Outdoor Opportunities: You would be hard pressed to find a better state if you love the outdoors like myself. Walleyes, pheasants, ducks and monster bucks.  North Dakota has it all with friendly landowners, who more often than not, will let you hunt on their land with a handshake and smile.

#2 You Can Go Anywhere In Five Minutes: Even our biggest cities have little or no commute. Some people literally waste years in their cars going to and from work. I spent a couple of longgggg years in California and believe me, traffic is the worst.# 3 North Dakota "Nice" People: Again, from spending some time living outside the state, North Dakota really does have some of the nicest people on earth. People that greet you with a warm smile or a Joe Biden hug. (Insert joke here) Such a great place to raise a family.

#4 The Weather: This for some might be a negative. I do agree that snow in May or September can be a hard pill to swallow and 20 below zero is no picnic. However, I for one LOVE the seasons. If you live outside the state for any amount of time, I bet you'll find this to be true. Spring, Summer, Fall and yes...Even Winter is special in North Dakota. Hey, if we didn't have crazy weather, what else would we talk about???#5 Wide Open Spaces: Something "magical" about a North Dakota sunset or sunrise. The Badlands, to the Missouri River Valley, to Devils Lake, to even the "flat as a pancake" Red River Valley. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Yea, there's places with more to do or see, but I'm about QUALITY, not quantity. Yep, Josh Duhamel got it right. North Dakota really is "Legendary!"

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