Why would anybody ever keep paper towels in a North Dakota fridge?

Well, it's not for what you are probably thinking ( picking up spills).  It's for something that is actually a lot more frustrating in my opinion.

Is there anything more frustrating these days than wasting food?

Let's face it, it's never been more expensive to shop at the grocery store.  I think back to all the salad bags, pork chops, pounds of hamburger, and other foods (especially fruit) that have been wasted because we didn't eat them in time.  You really have to plan out your meals these days otherwise you are literally losing money in your fridge.  Something none of us can afford to do these days.

A story caught my eye in Reader's Digest why you should keep paper towels in your fridge to help with wasting food.

Experts say you should line your drawers with paper towels where you keep your produce (fruit and vegetables).  Why?  Because excess moisture is your biggest enemy in your fridge, especially fruit and vegetables.

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Simply line the areas where you keep your produce with paper towels.  Once you eat all of your veggies or fruit, remove the paper towel and discard it (you might want to reuse it on something if possible, paper towels are expensive too).

Next time you add more fruits to your fridge, add more paper towels and repeat the process.  This will keep your fruit & vegetables fresh longer and save you money in the long run and who doesn't want that?

It's all really pretty simple, the drier your produce is the longer it will last.  Now, happy grocery shopping.

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