Who has the worst drivers in the state of North Dakota? I've lived in Bismarck, ND my whole life so I guess I can't comment one way or another. But I can say one thing I've noticed is that people in North Dakota love to lane jump. When you make a right or left hand turn you are supposed to take the lane closest to you. Most people don't do that and they just go over to the next lane.

I was out riding my motorcycle and had two people pull out in front of me once was in a parking lot and once on a main road. Some people really need to pay attention. Who do you think has the worst drivers in the state? People in town also love to tailgate or not use their signals. I have noticed this a lot more lately. The issue is a lot of people have formed a habits and it's hard to break them if you love to tailgate or lane jump.

These are just a few things I've noticed in my driving around Bismarck, ND. These are not good things and can really cause some bad accidents. I hope some people will work on their driving skills. We don't need any more accidents than what we already have. It's simple little things that we can do to avoid getting into accidents or cause accidents. What are your thoughts? Who has the worst drivers in North Dakota?

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