What is the reason that people flip others off when driving? So many people get upset at other drivers when they do something incorrectly and they flip them the bird. Just because someone does something not right does it really justify flipping them off. Many people think the other driver is in the wrong but in all reality it could be the one flipping the other one off in the wrong.

I've been flipped off a few times and I never really understand the reason for it. Everyone makes mistakes. Does the one flipping off always do everything right when driving? Many people get road rage over the littest things. I think a simple honk is enough, just slow down and take life in. Driving would be a little easier and things would go a lot better for people.

Flipping someone the bird doesn't prove anything it just makes the other person in a bad mood. I think just a simple honk is enough but a person doesn't need to honk and flip the other person the bird. I had one lady a long time ago when I was merging into traffic and did it safely, but she got beside me and flipped me the bird for over two miles. After I exited on the off ramp she still had her middle finger in the air.

Do you think people get upset about little things when they're driving? Have you ever had someone flip you the bird?


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