Have you ever tried to get into the (DOT) Department of Transportation to do business? It seems as if there's always a wait and most of the time a person has to make an appointment. Would it be more beneficial if the DOT opened another location in Mandan, ND? Would that solve most of the wait problems or would adding more staff help?

I have friends that have tried taking their CDL test and they said it was a two to three-week wait. I think adding a location in Mandan, ND would be awesome to do. It would create less stress in Bismarck, ND as they are really busy. It would help both the motor vehicle department out and the driver’s license division out.

The DOT in Bismarck, ND does a wonderful job they are just busy all the time, and with both Bis-Man growing, maybe that wouldn't be a bad idea to do. It seems like no matter what they do they are still busy. They've added the kiosks in multiple places, allowed the driving schools to give the students their road tests, and they are still really busy.

Many people always complain of having to wait for hours to do business at the DOT in Bismarck, ND. If they would add a location in Mandan, ND that would hopefully end the congestion and long waits at the capital. What are your thoughts? Does Mandan need a DOT location?


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