Major changes happening to the trucking industry in 2022. Many people wanting to get their Commercial Driver’s License will have to attend additional training. According to KFYR-TV, the entry-level driver will have to go through 31 mandatory theory topics in five general areas. The entry-level driver will also need behind-the-wheel training.

Many people are confused as to why the government is doing this, as there is a national driver shortage. Everywhere you look places are hiring for CDL drivers and starting at great pay. The government figures this will create safer driving techniques on the road. According to KFYR-TV, there's a driver shortage of 80,000 CDL drivers across the United States.

The nice thing about being a truck driver is you can go almost anywhere and have a job. Truck driving is a unique industry as there are over-the-road truck drivers, local delivery drivers, line haul truck drivers, and many other forms of truck drivers. Do you know of anyone wanting to get their CDL? Do you think this new law will discourage people from getting their CDL? According to KFYR-TV, if you have your permit before the law takes effect you will not have to go through the additional training.

I just got my CDL this year from Bismarck State College. I took the 3-week CDL class and I learned a lot from the class. There's a lot to know in the truck driving industry and I learned a lot from the class. I also have endorsements that a person can get once you have your CDL. Other endorsements you can get once you have the CDL: Doubles & Triples, Tanker, and Hazmat. The other CDL industry that has big changes coming in 2022 is for those wanting to get a passenger or school bus license.


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