Have you been up on Tyler Parkway and noticed the newly remodeled and rebranded gas station. The gas station is called On The Run gas station and is located at 2205 Tyler Parkway in Bismarck, ND. I didn't know that the old one closed until one day I was driving by and they had fence up all the way around it and were digging the tanks out.

I drove by the place once or twice a day and could see the consistent construction going on and noticed that they were really doing a lot of work to the place. They replaced the tanks, replaced, the canopy over the tanks, got new gas pumps, new concrete, completely remodeled the whole inside of the store and are currently working on the car wash and the back part of the building.

The gas station actually opened up in phases, first they opened the gas pumps so you can use your credit card to pay for fuel. They recently opened the store up. The last thing to open will be the car wash. The place looks really nice and I can't wait to go inside the store and check it out one of these days. The gas station location has actually been around for a long time. I've been told by others that it was Skelly's Truck Stop, then it was a Conoco, MVP, Shell and now it's called On The Run Gas Station. Have you had the chance to go check it out?

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