Snow Shack Heaven

Don't give up on North Dakota and pack up your things for the beach just yet! There's nothing to fear; I don't see any real snow in the forecast. Fingers crossed that we are in the clear on that.

That's not the kind of snow I'm talking about...

Yup, I'm talking about the icy deliciousness we all look forward to. It's the return of our local snow shacks!

A Summer 'Must'

For many of us, it's a place we go to after ball games, dance recitals, or after a long day at the pool. It's a summer tradition. I mean, who doesn't love a snow cone the size of their head?? -- And that's no exaggeration; they are that big.


Mo's Snow Shack,
Mo's Snow Shack,

Opening Back Up For The Season:

I caught up with the owners of Mo's Snow Shack to see when they would be opening back up for the season, and it's so soon you can almost taste it!

While the South shack is already up and running for the season (625 S Washington St, Bismarck, in the Papa Murphy's parking lot), the North location will be opening on Memorial Day (May 30th). If you don't know, it's located in the north Dan’s parking lot (3101 N 11th St, Bismarck).

If You Don't Know:

Mo's Snow Shack has been a summer staple, serving our community since 2014. And, it's a family business; it has been operated by the Thuesons for now 5 years. Nick, Joslyn and their 5 kids not only work the stand, but work to bring smiles to all our faces.

The Thuesons have been running the stand since 2017. They tell me they love being a part of the community.

"Our favorite thing about running the shacks is the people," said the Thuesons.


New This Year:

Mo's will have a third trailer this year for private or public events, that's in addition to their two other shacks.


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