State Street was a major mess all last road construction season.

Well, get ready, here we go again, starting today.  According to a press release from the city of Bismarck, which is starting at 7 am, Wednesday, April 24th, 2024, State Street (Highway 83) will have the far east lane closed for all Northbound traffic and the far west lane for all Southbound traffic closed.

This will take place from Calgary Avenue through Divide Avenue.  A contractor will be in these areas working on the final concrete installation and revisions on the State Street Project.

How long is this project expected to last on State Street?

As most of our north-end listeners know, this is a main travel artery for the city of Bismarck, and any road construction on it will cause travel delays.  Last summer, State Street was especially a travel headache for many Bismarck residents.  Long lines, slow-moving traffic, and significant delays were common (especially during the commute hours).

The good news?  This project is expected to finish relatively quickly on Friday, May 3rd, 2024. 

That's weather permitting.  Any significant rain delays could extend this road construction project (rain is looking likely at this point on both Thursday and Friday).

No detour will be in place for State Street during this project.

Once again, drivers should expect increased congestion on State Street/Highway 83 during the construction period which once again is today, April 23rd to Friday, May 3rd, that's if the weather cooperates.

The city of Bismarck says your patience is greatly appreciated and be sure to slow down in work zones.

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