Home life sure is a lot better if you have good neighbors.

You know, the ones who have your back when you need somebody the most.  They help watch over your home when you are gone (even when you don't ask them to).

They might even offer you a beer if you've been working hard in the yard all weekend.  I've even had one of my neighbors bring us fresh eggs from their chickens before.  Yep, I'm pretty lucky with my neighbors.

Of course, it's not always that way and conflicts do occur when it comes to neighbors.

Especially, when it comes to noise.  Loud parties that wake the dead, and the neighborhood for that matter, a barking dog, or very loud music will often strain just about any neighborhood relationship.

Mowing the lawn too early or too late for that matter is another "noise" that can really piss off your neighbor.

I remember one time at my previous home in Grand Forks, I came home from playing a softball game one evening, it was about 8:30, so I thought I would mow my lawn quickly for a half hour or so because the lawn was getting away from me.

Not more than a couple of minutes into my mowing, the neighbor who lived kitty-corner to us came over screaming at us because her young kids were trying to sleep and she had the windows open.  She was irate.

I was pretty sure that I was in my legal right to be mowing at 8:35 pm, but I decided to cater to her request in the interest of keeping the peace in the neighborhood, despite her less-than-neighborly way of asking me to stop mowing.  She was ridiculous, to be honest.

Did you know in Bismarck, there's a set time when it's considered unlawful to mow your lawn?

You could be cited for disturbing the peace.  According to a conversation I had with a Bismarck Police Officer, the time when you could be ticketed for mowing your lawn is anytime between 11 pm and 7 am.

I can't say I've seen too many people mow lawns after dark, but I guess some tractors do have lights.  The officer told me this falls under the "noisy party or gathering" section of the city code.

Now you know, you are within your rights to mow right up until dark in Bismarck.  You can also start mowing at 7 am legally too.  Keep in mind, if you want to keep the peace with your neighbors, you might want to wait a little later than 7 am in my opinion.

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