A new event venue is coming to Mandan, ND. This will be a great asset to the local area and will serve many people in the local area. The event establishment will be called V3NU3 LLC and will be located at 320 West Main Street in Mandan, ND. The venue will be able to hold up to 75 people. They will offer in house djing, decorating, and beer/wine sales.

The event venue does not offer food but will coordinate with caterers if need be. The establishment will have hosted events and will be available to rent on the weekdays and weekends. The venue is working on getting their wine/beer sales license and they are hopeful to have it next month. The place will also coordinate decorations, and entertainment from other venues as well.

They are currently available for renting. This will be a great new addition to the Bis-Man area. We always need places to rent as well as additional places for entertainment. I think they have a great location and will be loved by many people. If you have an event that you'd like to host or bring to town this is the place to check out.

The local community has been growing over the years and we can always use additional places to hold events in the local area. Do you have any events you would like to bring to the area? Are you excited for the new venue? If you'd like more details you can click here.

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