How does the state of North Dakota rank for unruly concertgoers compare to the rest of the nation?

I personally love to attend concerts.  I love live music.  There's nothing like a warm summer evening outdoors or even indoors enjoying your favorite band or artist.

Whether it's indoors at the Bismarck Event Center, (aren't we due for a concert by the way?) The Fargodome, The Alerus Center, or under the stars at WE Fest, concerts are the best.

However, one thing can ruin a show.  A "concert jerk" as I like to call them.

They're usually drunk, obnoxious, looking to fight, and spilling beer everywhere.  You know the type.  You can usually spot them a mile away, and it's not always a guy.  I've defiantly run into those types many times over the years.  You just learn to stay clear of these types if you can.

I ran across an interesting article on concerts from No Deposit Fan on states with the worst-behaved concert crowds.

How did North Dakota stack up according to their study?

Looks like North Dakota "nice" is a thing at concerts too.  Because we are in the zero % range of recent concertgoers who have experienced an increase in rude or disruptive behavior.  Here's a look at that graphic from No Deposit Fan.

No Deposit Fan
No Deposit Fan

As you can see from the map, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana are very well-behaved at concerts.  Minnesota looks to be in the middle of the pack.

The only thing I'm going to add is that it seems like every year at the North Dakota State Fair, there's at least one show where some idiot throws a beer on the stage, and causes a disruption.  Last year it was Nelly, I saw it myself at the Goo Goo Dolls, and Tim McGraw in Minot too.

Overall, I guess we are in pretty good shape in North Dakota for good concert experiences.  Now, we just need more concerts.  Especially in Bismarck.

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