There are certain things I hate doing, getting a haircut for one, AND dealing with cars

If you spot me somewhere out and about in the Bismarck/Mandan area you'll be able to tell right away I'm not fond of getting a haircut - and definitely, while you are passing me on the highway ( as my 2001 Chevy SILVER Impala is in the process of traveling 0-60 in 6 and a half minutes ) I'm not car savvy one bit! I have been very fortunate to have driven my current vehicle for over three years, and besides replacing a battery last year, I've had fantastic luck with it. However, time ( and wear and tear ) may be running out.

I was under the assumption that used cars in BisMan were hard to come by

That's what I overheard someone say in conversation, but is that accurate? My car has 160,000 miles on it, but just the other day my brake fluid light came on, sure I was low on oil, but a co-worker here thinks my brake pads might be shot, so with that, could I have other lingering problems that could turn out to cost me more money to fix the vehicle than the price I actually bought it for? See what I'm getting at? This article is not solely all about myself, I've had others tell me lately they are looking for a used car, so I became curious - where are the best places to start looking for a decent deal and a place that you can trust? That's the scariest part, going in blind.

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