When will Bis-Man get in the Playstation 5's, or the Xbox Series X? These came out before Christmas and many people can't get their hands on them. Anytime stores get them in the Playstations, Xbox head right out the door. I've seen them online and as soon as they get a restock they are sold out. I think many people would like to have one and are like myself and getting frustrated that a person can't find one.

These video game systems have been out for about six months and a person still can't get their hands on one. I think some of us might as well wait until the next one comes out because who knows when we will be able to get one. The stores have been saying it's related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Do you have one of the new Xbox's or Playstation 5's? Some people were lucky and were able to preorder them before they were released.

I know a few people that preordered them, but I know others that didn't get one preordered and are frustrated that they can't get one. Then you have people online selling them for twice what they paid or a couple hundred over what they paid. I hope by the end of this year they will be on the shelves in stores so people can buy them but a person never knows. The bigggest question many people are asking is how long is this going to last or will they ever be available in stores so anyone can go buy one.

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