What's your favorite video game system of all time? Many people have played a video game system or two in their lifetimes and some still play to this day. My favorite video game system would be the NES Nintendo Entertainment System and I played that for many years growing up. The nice thing about that system is the games usually never had any issues.

I've owned many gaming systems throughout the years and some I wish I would've kept. I've owned NES, Atari, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation 1, Playstation 2, xbox 360, xbox one, game boy color, gameboy advance, gameboy advance xp, psp, wii and a Nintendo DS.

There has been a lot of changes through the years with the advacement of technology. I will never forgot years ago when I had my Gameboy Advance and it didn't have a light on it and I had to go to the store and get a light that plugged into it. The light looked like a street light. Then the next game system the gameboy advance xp had a built in light and that was great.

I think it would be awesome to get a big shadow box for years down the road to show the younger generation the gaming systems some of us grew up on and all the advancements that were made. I wish I would've kept a couple of them because they are worth money. What game systems did you have? What was your favorite one?


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