Why is it so hard to find old gaming systems at rummage sales in the Bis-Man area? I've always wanted to have one of every old game system out there and it seems like that is hard to come by. Growing up my parents had the NES Nintendo Entertainment System and it was always a lot of fun.

The old game systems were built a little better than the new ones. We never got the red ring of death and those types of issues back when I used to play the older game systems. Game systems are a lot of fun and can really get competitive depending on who is playing them. Do you miss the old game systems?

Old game systems are becoming harder to come by as people continue to keep upgrading and getting the newest ones. I've always been about upgrading but we can't forget about the old systems. I remember growing up and playing the NES gaming system for hours and having a lot of fun. What was your favorite game system? I personally didn't have a favorite, I really liked them all. I had a lot of fun playing all of the old game systems. Have you ever come by an old game system that brought back memories? Mine would have to be playing Mario Cart on the Nintendo 64 at the neighbor’s house. We were all very competitive and it got to be very intense playing Mario Cart at times.

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