Recently on multiple sites a couple people asked others if they'd be interested in an indoor roller rink arena. Someone else also asked if people in Bis-Man would be interested in a laser tag, airsoft, arcade and a couple other new indoor games. Both posts have since been deleted. Many people were really interested in the comments and many people had other ideas.

In the comments some people had stated they wanted indoor go carts, waterpark, and a few said Dave & Busters. People have been talking for years that they'd like to get a Dave & Busters in the Bisman area. I think we could use more stuff to do in the area. We have a lot to do in the summer months but the winter months we could use a lot more to do.

Many people would like to see the old K-Mart building be turned into multiple buisnesses or indoor go-carts with a arcade. In addition to what has already been mentioned I think an indoor waterpark would be awesome. The people that asked about opening the new business got a lot of possitive feedback and many people were interested.

That's what some people's holdback in not opening new businesses up is some think that there isn't enough people here to sustain a new business. I think that there's enough people here and people always say that there's not enough to do in the winter months. What's your thoughts? What would you like to see BisMan get?

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