If you're reading this, you're more than likely a North Dakotan.  You live here, so this must be your favorite state right?  So, my question to you is..."What is your "Favorite Other State?"  If you lived in another state, which one would it be?  What other state do you enjoy going to the most?    I know my answer, how about you?

Before I get to that, I wanted to share a chart with you from a writer and chart maker Matt Surlee.  He asked his more than 12K Instagram followers what state they like the most besides their own?  As you can see by the chart.  All of the states around Minnesota including North Dakota...Have a love affair with the state with 10,000 lakes.  Minnesota however, shows what a snob it is, and doesn't even like an American state second...They chose Canada?  No state by the way chose North Dakota.  Oh, well they're missing out.  Pretty interesting chart.  Check it out.


My favorite other state would have to be our neighbors to the south.  We love it so much we even bought a lake cabin in South Dakota.  Enemy Swim is a slice of heaven in Northeast South Dakota.  It's the "clearest" lake in all of South Dakota and has very good fishing to boot.  That entire area of South Dakota has 40 lakes within 10 miles of my cabin.  That's not the only area I love of South Dakota though.  Who doesn't love the Black Hills?  I'm not much of a tourist person, but that is a place I could spend several days in every year.  Another big reason for my love of South Dakota?  The people are awesome.  Very much like North Dakota nice!

So if I had to pick a another 3 states, so I would have a top 5, here goes.  Minnesota at #3, they have all my favorite sports teams and I'm a lake person.  I just don't like all the people.  A little to crowded for my liking, especially in the Twin Cities.  Nice place to visit, but wouldn't want an hour commute on the freeway everyday. #4 would have to be Alaska.  So many reasons why, the scenery, the wildlife and the people are all great.  #5 Montana.  I've explored so little.  I've only been to the Big Horn area and I fell in love with that.  I'm guessing the rest I'll love even more.

Please share this story and let me know what is your favorite "other" state.




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