Plenty of "day drinking" went on in 2020, as many of us were forced to work from home or not work at all.  Lets face it, it's pretty easy to have a cocktail when your job is working from home.  What's the harm right?  It stirs up the creative juices.  No pun intended.

So, according to Bro Bible North Dakota was reaching for a cocktail that I've certainly heard of before, but to be honest have never knowingly tried, the Kamikaze.  I recently after one of our crazy hockey parent get togethers, made a point to try this North Dakota favorite to see what I've been missing.  The Kamikaze is basically made up of vodka, Triple Sec, which is a sweet orange flavored liqueur and lime juice.  As far as preparation you simply shake all ingredients together in a mixer with ice. Strain into glass, garnish and serve.  I have to admit it was a long ways from a Busch or Coors Light but I kind of liked it.  At least I know what I was missing out on during the heart of the pandemic.

I would've guessed North Dakota's favorite cocktail was a Caesar or Bloody Mary, judging by most of my friends and what they order when were out and about.  I grew up drinking a lot tomato juice when I was younger and for whatever reason it just kind of disgusts me now that I've gotten older.  Kind of like Tuna hot dish if you know what I mean.  Here's a map to see what the rest of our country was drinking during the pandemic.  CHEERS!

Bro Bible
Bro Bible


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