What Did You Do With Your Covid Cash?  If you were like most of us, you used it to help pay the mortgage or rent, groceries, utilities or any number of other bills which pile up.  Then there are a few people who went to the extreme and probably did not deserve the money in the first place.

People like Lee Price lll come to mind when I think about what Covid 19 relief money wasn't intended for.  Mr. Price went on a shopping spree and landed himself on today's episode of Don't Be That Guy:

Man Spends Coronavirus Relief Money On Lambo And Strippers: KHOU says Lee Price III, of Houston, was recently arrested for spending coronavirus relief money on a Lamborghini, a Rolex and exotic dancers. He received a Paycheck Protection Program loan for $1.6 million before spending it on the sports car, a pickup truck, real estate and other luxury items. Lee spent thousands at Houston strip clubs. He has been charged with making false statements, wire fraud and bank fraud.

I won't deny that the temptation to over indulge is always there when we stumble across "found money", but it irks me when there are so many people out there struggling right now who have lost their job due to Covid 19 or are struggling with keeping up with their bills while being in quarantine.  The money was supposed to help people, employees, employers, families all get through an extremely difficult time.

Mr. Price was only one example, and there are many more, of people who are only interested in screwing the system, so I hope they throw the book at him and people like him.  Bottom line, we all need to try to help one another and Don't Be That Guy!


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