I came across an article recently on "the most popular trashy beers in America." 

Although this article was written a few years ago, I instantly had the brand in mind for North Dakota.  Hands down, no debate.  I was rather shocked when I got down to North Dakota and found out the brand I was thinking wasn't number one.  I was amazed, to be honest.

According to Workshopedia, Budweiser is North Dakota's most popular trashy beer. 

Nothing against Bud, but I just don't see that.  I've been to enough garage hockey parent parties over the years to see the beer everybody is drinking.

Workshopedia's methodology was based on online beer searches in each state.  They used Google Trends and 36 popular beers over the course of the last year.  Busch Light isn't number one with any of our surrounding states either.

Coors Light is number one in Minnesota (my personal favorite trashy beer), Natural Light is number one in South Dakota (another head-scratcher), and Pabst Blue Ribbon is number one in Big Sky Country (Montana).

The majority of people I see drinking beer, are drinking Busch Light in BisMan.

Rick Rider
Rick Rider

Am I wrong?  It's not even close.  Busch Light pounders rule supreme in Bismarck Mandan and the entire state of North Dakota for that matter.

Do you agree with me?  If I had to list my Top 5 Trashy Beers in North Dakota from many years of observation it would go like this.

5. Bud Light (just ask NDSU)

4. Pabst Blue Ribbon

3. Keystone Light

2. Coors Light

1. Busch Light

What do you think of my list?  Plain old Bud doesn't even make it.  If you agree or disagree let me know in the comments on our social media pages.  Bottoms up y'all.

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