According to the StarTribune, the black pannels that surround the U.S. Bank Stadium leak more then what was thought. Those exterior panels need to be replaced at a cost of $21 million and will be split between the buildings general contractor, M.A. Mortenson and seven others. Neither the Vikings or taxpayers will have to pay anything. This isn't the first time the building had issues, the panels came undone and leaked months before the U.S. Bank Stadium opened.

The stadium first had moisture issues in 2015 and stadium officials and Mortenson downplayed the issue. There will be a total of 250,000 square feet of panels taken off and replaced. Once the old pannels are taken off they will put a waterproof membrane on the building and water repelant pannels. That will give the building two forms of water resistance instead of just one. The construction will not interfere with events or the Minnesota Vikings games.

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