Not only is the U of Mary hockey team pretty good at hockey, (they've won 29 consecutive games) but they have a bit of showmanship too.

The two-time defending ACHA Division 2 National Champions recently put together a "spoof" of the Friends TV show theme.  About the only thing missing from the video was a water fountain scene.  Everything else the Mauraders absolutely nailed.

Things are always better when you are winning and you can tell these skaters are having fun as the U of Mary hockey team enters homecoming weekend on campus.

The Mauraders by the way will have three big games at home this weekend.  They will face Lindenwood University both Friday and Saturday night at 7:00 pm, and Utah State Sunday afternoon at 2 pm.   You can catch those games at Starion Rink in Mandan, North Dakota.

The Mauraders will be seeking their 3rd consecutive ACHA Division 2 championship this season.  The national tournament this year will be played in Boston.  The University of Mary hockey team will be stepping up to ACHA Division 1 next season 2023-2024.

The U of Mary has plenty of homegrown talent on its team including true freshman Hunter Acker from Bismarck High.  Other Bismarck natives on the roster include Drew Lenertz, Alex Flicek, Cyril Nagurski, Caleb Petrie, Johny Witzke, and Isaiah Thomas.  Speaking of Isaiah, here's that Friends video spoof from his Twitter page.



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