North Dakota is not for everybody.  Lets start with the weather.  Snow in October?  Yep, we got that.  Temps 20 to 30 degrees below normal in October?  Check.  Winters that last for 6 months, (Sometimes longer) yeppers.  Wind that seems to never stop blowing, no matter what the season.  We've got that covered too.

However, even with all that being said, people are still flocking to a couple of our cities according to Livability.  They just released a data driven list of the Top 100 Best Places to Live in America.  We've got not one, but two cities in the state that not only made the list, but even made the Top 15.  Every year, the list changes up, they do surveys and studies, adjust their algorithm, add in new variables and data points, and presto...They celebrate a new #1 city.

So, which one of our Peace Garden State cities graced this Top 100 cities to live in the country?  Well, lets unveil the top dogs.  #8 Fargo, North Dakota!  Top attractions according the article?  NDSU Bison football of course,  very low unemployment and jobs are plentiful, especially in healthcare, manufacturing, education and technology.  Plus, according to the article, Fargo never feels like it's crowded.  Not buying that, as I've gone through Fargo during a rush hour enough times in my life.  They also mentioned lots of parks and green space.

Coming in at #14 BISMARCK!  Yeah baby, now we're talking.  According to the article here's why it's good in the Capital City.  Outdoor opportunities, yep, I'll buy that.  In fact, I'm going pheasant hunting after work as a matter of fact.  Not many places in the state can you go for a walk right outside the city and be knee deep in wildlife.  They also mentioned in the article, all fun we have on the river.  Maybe too much fun during COVID-19?  Just sayin'!  Bismarck should clearly be ahead of Fargo in my humble opinion.



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