I just recently started getting into trivia and going to a few places and playing trivia. I've learned that music trivia is my strong area and I guess that's why I work at a radio station. A Few weeks ago I went to the Ramkota and played music trivia where you have to fill in the blacks with the song lyrics.

I've played other trivia but usually don't do so well at the other trivia due to I don't really watch television. When it comes to movie trivia I don't have a clue because I've only watched about 25 movies in my life. The trivia questions about music were easier but were still hard. There's a trivia takeover and they put a monthly calender up as to where they will be and what trivia they are playing.

There's many people that come to trivia and it's fun just to sit back and watch how mad or excited people get for knowing or not knowing the answer. It's fun to play and many people like playing because if they win the round they usually get a round of free drinks from the bar. Trivia is fun because it makes a person think and is a great brain exercise. I've learned that I'm only good at music trivia so I usually only go to the music trivia and actually got beat by another team a few weeks ago when I played. If you'd like to know the trivia schedule click here


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